Our Ingenious Idea Founded an Entire Industry.

Systematic Development and Several Key Inventions Have Made Us the Market Leader.

The Silicone Pad Makes Industrial Pad Printing Possible

In 1968, our founder Wilfried Philipp had the ingenious and revolutionary idea to replace the low-endurance gelatine pads used up until that time with silicone pads. This at last enabled the industrial application of pad printing using powerful printing machines. Machines that didn't even exist at that time. Machines that we would now go on to develop, patent and construct.

Initial TAMPOPRINT prototype for a pad printing machine for watch dials
Initial mechanical prototype for a pad printing machine
Sealed ink system
Sealed ink system

The Sealed Ink System Enables High-Speed and Bulk Printing

The ongoing development of the machines was concerned largely with higher clock speeds. This increase in speed soon faced a physical boundary when used with open ink systems. But we did not want to accept this boundary. So we came up with a further key invention to overcome it: the sealed ink system. The hermetic patent led to a multiple increase in the clock speeds, enabling high-performance pad printing. This high-speed printing meant that the process was finally economical even for printing bulk and low-cost items.

Lasers Make It Possible to Produce Clichés

Another key invention was the use of lasers for cliché production. At that time, pad printing clichés could only be produced by means of a complex and expensive exposure process. That's why we developed machines for making clichés using laser means. Our cliché lasers not only made it possible to radically reduce production time and dramatically lower the costs: cliché lasers also made it possible for customers to produce their own pad printing clichés independently of specialist companies for the first time.

TAMPOPRINT cliché laser in action
Cliché laser in action
TAMPOPRINT engraving laser in action
Engraving laser in action

Labeling Lasers Make Customized Pad Printing Possible

The next technological milestone was also reached using lasers: the combination of pad printing – now suitable for bulk printing – with customized marking using lasers. This not only made it possible to print accurately to the margins, but also to create custom marking of the individual printing part. This was a big step forward, both for reliable labeling of technical products and for competition-winning codes in bottle caps for example.

Complete Systems from a Single Source Provide Lasting Excellence

Over the course of more than half a century, these and many other innovations transformed TAMPOPRINT from a machine construction firm into a system supplier. We advise on, develop and supply everything for pad printing: from modules to be incorporated to standard machines and complete systems, from printing pads to pad printing clichés and inks, from doctor blades to ink cups and feed units. And of course, we also provide installation, training and maintenance.

The excellence that we, as market leader, achieve as a result is thus no longer restricted to perfect single components. The fact that it works, lasts and pays off is down to a perfectly harmonized system. A system that you can get from a single source by coming to us.

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