The Future of Pad Printing and Laser Engraving

Visions Become Fact Sooner than You Might Think.

Former chancellor Schmidt once joked that if you have visions, you should visit the doctor. We think that, if you have visions about your products, you're more likely to find a cure by visiting us. That's because, rather than talking you out of it, we will make your visions possible and help you to implement them.

Over the decades, we have become used to being presented with apparently impossible ideas. Time and time again, we find a way to make them possible.

From Printing onto Products to Printing Them

Where, classically, innovations were about labeling, marking and decorating even surfaces that were not flat, today we are responsible for much greater milestones. Our printing has been pivotal in the actual existence of certain products – for example, by virtue of the fact that we do not only print ink but also active agents such as nicotine.


From the Readable to the Speaking Product

Another trend is the development from the "readable" to the "speaking" product. A conventional button or switch is printed onto so that it can be read. Today, modern operator panels and controls are self-illuminating or even change their surface. Conventional displays are disappearing in favor of operator-controllable, communicating device interfaces.


Be Part of the Future – Now.

Normally, our task is to help you print your vision according to your requirements. But we wouldn't be TAMPOPRINT if we didn't also think outside of the box. So come on a little journey of discovery with us. What will be possible tomorrow? Maybe you have an idea that fits with our visions that you want to implement today. Why not? – We are ready.

Did You Know ...?

All of the Things We Print with as Well as Ink:

  • Active medical agents (e.g. nicotine)
  • Lamps (e.g. 'printed' LEDs)
  • Reactive coatings/inks (temperature, pressure etc.)
  • Artificial DNA
  • Marking isotopes
  • Invisible barcodes
  • Lubricating varnishes, greases and lubricants
  • Release agents
  • Conductive connections/conductive varnishes (e.g. gold pastes)
  • Adhesives
  • Coupling agents (primers), adhesive bases
  • Vulcanizations
  • Heat-conducting compounds
  • Solder resist and other resists (e.g. for galvanization)
  • Protective coatings (including partial)
  • Temporary markings, interim labeling (e.g. that disintegrates or can combust without danger)
  • Interim coatings for protection during assembly
  • Joachim Gössl, Head of the Application Workshop at TAMPOPRINT AG, in the workshop
Joachim Gössl
Head of Application Workshop

Nothing is impossible. We will find a solution, whatever the task may be. Get in touch – we'll make it happen.

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Nothing is impossible. We will find a solution, whatever the task may be. Get in touch – we'll make it happen.