Our Stand-Alone Pad Printing Machines

Simply Good. If You Can Do It Well, You Can Do It Simply.

A good engineer does not just construct functioning pad printing machines, he constructs simple ones – uncomplicated and elegant. This is often referred to as “elegant engineering”.

Here, we make the most of our extensive experience in process design. This knowledge, gained over decades, extends far beyond machine construction. Today, our expertise enables us to find elegant solutions to incredibly complex challenges.

That's why we construct reliable pad printing standard machines for many tasks that would require complex and expensive custom builds elsewhere. Our use of standardization has significant benefits for our customers: reliable processes, stability, easy to use and maintain, ... Or, as we put it: Excellence – it works, it lasts and it pays off.

Our Standard Machines for Classic Pad Printing

Perfect Classics: Invented by Us – Perfected by Us.

You can identify a major invention by the way it lasts. Accordingly, the silicone printing pad we invented was a real milestone. Without it, industrial pad printing would not have been possible at all. Even today, our pad printing standard machines for linear pad printing are still based on this fundamental technology.


Of course, we optimized the technology in more than half a century to perfection. Not only in terms of the printed result, speed and stability, but also in terms of ease of use and costs. This leads to incredibly reliable, uncomplicated and efficient standard machines for classic pad printing.

Another key invention of ours vastly increased clock speeds, dramatically lowering the costs per printed item: The sealed pad printing system.

An excellent example of this is our HERMETIC series.

Our Standard Machines for Rotary Pad Printing

It Runs Smoothly with a Circular Motion. That Makes It Fast.

First, we invented industrial pad printing (silicone printing pads). Then we perfected it (sealed print system). And then we revolutionized the process all over again: rotary pad printing vastly increased clock speeds. What's more, it made real (360°) transfer printing possible.

Once the closures industry took an interest in pad printing, we were faced with two new challenges: firstly, the demand for even faster clock speeds. And secondly, transfer printing of "LongCaps", for example.


This led us to develop rotary pad printing. The resultant dramatic increase in speed vastly increased the clock speeds. This made pad printing efficient even in the bulk production of low-cost items. Moreover, rotary printing made 360° transfer printing possible for the first time.

We have now developed the rotary process to such an extent that we can offer it in standard machines.

An excellent example of this is our ROTOPRINT.

Our Standard Machines for Laser Customization

Each Print Is Customized. At Bulk Printing Speeds.

As a machine construction company, we are passionate about finding solutions for every printing challenge. And about taking these inventions and constructing them as perfect machines. Not only for bulk printing tasks, but also, and specifically, for customized printing on a massive scale. This is where the laser comes in. So that it works, lasts and pays off – even for customization. Piece for piece.

The potential applications of lasers in customization are virtually limitless. From engraving individual competition-winning codes, to varied decoration, through to security marking and serial numbers. Reliable, fast and, if appropriate, with camera control too.

An excellent example of this is our MOF series.

TAMPOPRINT MOF machine with compact design and mounted on wheels
MOF series, compact and mobile

Our cliché lasers

Our Cliché Lasers

Like every bulk printing process, pad printing also needs a technical artwork. This cliché production is customarily a delaying factor in production. You can overcome this by having your own cliché lasering machines. So that it works, lasts and pays off – straight away.

Our cliché lasering machines mean that you are independent of external service providers for your cliché production. You can produce the cliché you need for your print yourself with no delay. This is a priceless advantage both for urgent print jobs and for those that require confidential treatment. What's more, the cost saving is an important factor in reducing the cost per printed item, even for small print runs or batches.

An excellent example of this is our CLICHE LASER PLUS.

By the Way ...

our cliché production service (Cliché Studio) is, of course, still on hand should you need it. With more than half a century of experience in the production of artworks, we can help you print even the most challenging of master images.

Our Hybrid Machines

Save Yourself the Step of Cliché Procurement.

We construct excellent pad printing machines. And we construct excellent machines which you can use to produce your own pad printing clichés. That's why we also construct efficient machines which unite these two functions: pad printing machines which make the clichés themselves – hybrid machines. Pad printing machines with which it works fast, lasts and, above all, pays off very well.

In particular for small and medium print runs, pad printing cliché procurement is often a critical factor in terms of time and cost. Pad printing cliché costs determine whether a job is profitable or not. In the traditional process, a film artwork must be prepared each time, the pad printing cliché must be exposed, etched, washed and cured, and the finished cliché then delivered by the service provider. You must then install it, adjust it and then, after use, remove it, clean it, store it and manage it as part of a large stockroom. That gobbled up time and created costs – as well as a few pollutant emissions.

Furthermore, large pad printing cliché stockrooms always presented the risk of error caused by printing the wrong image during a repeat run. This was a substantial danger for technical marking in particular – as well as being a risk in terms of liability, and hence costs.

Hybrid pad printing machines eliminate these risks and reduce the time and costs associated with cliché production and storage to a fraction of what they were. Directly before printing, the pad printing machine produces its own cliché, controlled by the software, and this is printed from directly.

An excellent example of this is our HYBRID series.



  • Case-Study: On-Demand Marking of Safety Products, 1.1 MBDownload

HYBRID pad printing machines use laser engraving to produce the pad printing cliché which is then used for pad printing.

Dietmar Scholz
Head of Sales for Machines & Laser Systems

Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.

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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.

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Head of Sales for Closure Marking

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Nothing is impossible. Even when it comes to closures. Contact me and we'll find your perfect solution.