Our Bestseller: The ROTOPRINT

The Reference Point for Efficient Closure Printing

The ROTOPRINT is our specialist pad printing machine for efficient closure printing. Our bestselling closure machine, which is actually a compact system, sets the benchmark in terms of performance, ergonomics, and efficiency.

Or, as we like to put it: It works, it lasts and it pays off.

Performance: Fully Automatic High-Speed Printing

The ROTOPRINT prints 120,000 to 180,000 closures per hour in up to three colors. And that in fully automatic mode.

This is made possible by its complete, comprehensive range of equipment that you would otherwise only find in a system

  • A one to three-lane version, also water-cooled if required.
  • A feed system (ascending conveyor) for correct positioning of closures.
  • Gas pre-treatment for eliminating production residue and increasing surface tension.
  • Up to three precision printing units.
  • One or two intermediate drying modules.
  • Simple and easy-to-meter pad ventilation.
  • Gas post-treatment renders the closures scratch resistant, allowing their direct further processing as bulk material.

CONCLUSION: A complete, small-scale, ready-to-use system which is up and running right after installation.

Rotary pad printing unit H-RTI 21-150

Ergonomics: Easy to operate and short tooling times

ROTOPRINT, special mandrel quick-change system

Despite its compact design, the ROTOPRINT offers the operator quick, simple access – combined with the highest operational safety.

  • The robust operator panel is flush-mounted, but can be tilted out for ease of use.
  • The ergonomic position of the sensor switch makes subsequent dilution and cleaning easier.
  • All power connections are located together on the rear of the machine.
  • The almost shade-free lighting concept makes work less tiring and permits precise visual inspection.
  • Thanks to a special mandrel quick-change system, the changeover to other closures is unbeatably fast.
  • Thanks to the exhaust system, the MAC value lies far below the limit laid down in the German trade association standard.Because the full-height printer housing is easy to access from all sides, cleaning and maintenance can be performed quickly and easily.

Efficiency: An Excellent Machine

It is our mission to construct excellent pad printing machines that pay off for you, our customer. In the case of the ROTOPRINT, we’ve done a particularly good job!

  • Low space requirement due to compact design.
  • Reduced training expenditure due to ease of operation.
  • Short maintenance and tooling times (approx. 30 min) due to optimum accessibility.
  • Lucrative multiple use due to flexible conversion to different substrate sizes and shapes.
  • Highest printing speed matched by equally high precision and consequently little or no scrap.
  • Minimal unit costs due to permanently high production speeds.
ROTOPRINT, compact fully automatic system
Highest printing speed with ROTOPRINT

Profile of The ROTOPRINT

Decoration area – closures Top
Closures (PP, PE, HDPE) ø 28 - 42 mm
Number of colors 1 to 3
Output up to 3,000 caps/min
Register accuracy +/- 0.15 mm
Tooling time approx. 30 min
Dimensions (length | breadth | height) 6.2 m | 2.2 m | 2.1 m

Any Other Questions?

You can also find detailed information on the ROTOPRINT

  • in the latest news about the ROTOPRINT
  • in the ROTOPRINT brochure
  • in our product video

Or contact one of our specialists directly. They'd be happy to answer your questions.

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Head of Sales for Closure Marking

Nothing is impossible. Even when it comes to closures. Contact me and we'll find your perfect solution.

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Nothing is impossible. Even when it comes to closures. Contact me and we'll find your perfect solution.