Our HYBRID Series

Standard Machines for Pad Printing with Integrated Cliché Production

The pad printing machines in the HYBRID series are our most efficient stand-alone machines for small and medium-sized print runs and batches. HYBRID machines produce their own clichés. This has key benefits:

  1. Cost efficiency: the costs of integrated printing cliché production amount to just a fraction of the costs of conventional cliché manufacture (less than three euro per cliché!)
  2. Time efficiency: the integrated printing cliché production is unbeatably fast and no longer interrupts your workflow (only around 5-6 minutes lead time before start of print, no cliché adjustment or special setup time).
  3. Data security: You no longer need to pass sensitive information to third parties. There is likewise no need to secure any confidential clichés as these are no longer stored but are disposed of immediately after use.

In short: the HYBRID series is unrivaled when it comes to small series, urgent jobs, confidential data and tight budgets for printing costs. Now you can start pad printing almost as quickly, cheaply and securely as if you didn't even need any printing clichés.

Printing unit on the TAMPOPRINT HYBRID series
Printing unit on the HYBRID-series
Dual cliché ribbon on the TAMPOPRINT HYBRID series
Dual cliché ribbon on the HYBRID series

Profile of The HYBRID Series

Profile of the HYBRID series
  HYBRID Series
Drive software-controlled electropneumatic drive
Laser system type SK 60, λ >= 1064 nm, maintenance-free, service life approx. 40,000 hrs
Pad system linear pad printing with 2 sealed doctoring cups and automatic pad cleaning
Clichés special microflex cliché band on a roller
Image size up to 85 mm in diameter
Editable image formats automated import and conversion of DXF, AI, PLT, PDF, EPD, TIFF, JPEG
Print speed up to 1,300 cycles/hr
Cliché production time approx. 5 min lead time before print start, no setup time
Energy consumption vastly reduced compared to traditional cliché production

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Brochure for HYBRID series

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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.