Standard Machine for Independent In-House Cliché Production

Our standard machine CLICHE LASER PLUS enables you to make your own clichés. What's more, you can do so at unbeatable speed, at low cost and without passing sensitive information to a third party. The three key benefits are clear:

  1. Time saving: cliché production no longer interrupts your workflow (make a cliché in less than 5 minutes).
  2. Cost reduction: even making a number of alternative clichés or frequent motif swaps no longer add significantly to the costs (cliché costs are under 10 euro).
  3. Data security: you no longer need to pass sensitive information to third parties (e.g. about prototypes or confidential products).

In short: in-house cliché production using the CLICHE LASER PLUS is not just an alternative to conventional cliché procurement – it is often the far superior choice. You get your clichés sooner, with more security and at lower cost.

Ease of Operation

The CLICHE LASER PLUS is simple to operate and does not require any specialists. Creating a cliché is just as straightforward as printing paper from a standard PC printer.

The software automatically imports master images in a wide range of file formats. The correct parameters for the different cliché types and materials are already stored and preset in the software. What's more, you can use the software to manage the different images as jobs. Swapping the image can then be done directly from the PC. This means that print results can be reproduced precisely – a consistent quality that is priceless when it comes to repeat production.

Three Cliché Types for Different Applications

We have developed three different cliché types specifically for the CLICHE LASER PLUS. Common to all of them is that they are optimized for the wavelength of the engraving laser and can be stored indefinitely. This means that you will always have the best cliché blank available for different requirements.

  • Aloxid-special clichés:
    Low-cost starter cliché
  • Magnet-Aloxid clichés:
    Efficient standard cliché for magnetic holding devices
  • Magnet-microflex clichés:
    Deep engraved cliché for optimum resolution and the best edge definition
Cliché in position in the TAMPOPRINT CLICHE LASER PLUS
CLICHE LASER PLUS, working area

Universal Applicability

The CLICHE LASER PLUS can be adapted very flexibly to different and expanded tasks:

There are format adapters and locating plates of every desired special size available for imaging varying cliché formats (e.g. from third-party manufacturers).

The machine can be fitted with a suction and filter unit.

Environmental Protection

Incidentally, the CLICHE LASER PLUS is a piece of “green technology”: it not only saves vast amounts of energy compared to traditional cliché production, but also eliminates the emissions from highly toxic photographic chemicals.


Profile of the CLICHE LASER PLUS
Drive/control software-controlled mechanical and optical drive
Laser system type SK 61, λ = 1064 nm, maintenance-free, service life approx. 40,000 hrs
Energy consumption vastly reduced compared to traditional exposure
Imageable clichés Aloxid-special clichés, Magnet-Aloxid clichés, Magnet-microflex clichés
Size of labeling field standard: 110 mm x 110 mm, can be enlarged and adapted to third-party products if desired
Speed line engraving 40 mm x 40 mm in ø 2:45 min
Editable image formats automated import and conversion of DXF, AI, PDF, EPS, premium version also: TIFF and JPG
Output resolution for vector line thickness from 40 µm
Output resolution for grid
(Premium version INTAGLIO)
up to 254 lines per inch (≙ 100 l/cm)

Any Other Questions?

Detailed information about the CLICHE LASER PLUS can also be found

  • in the brochure for the CLICHE LASER PLUS
  • in our online catalog

Or contact one of our specialists directly. They'd be happy to answer your questions.

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Dietmar Scholz
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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.

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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.

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