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We Join Man and Machine into an Excellent Team.

We make perfect printing systems from our excellent machines – because we take account of the operators too. Making sure it works, it lasts and it pays off.

Today, the stability of machines and processes depends more than ever on the interaction between the installation and its operator. Even a mediocre installation may be operated fairly stably by a qualified, meticulous and motivated worker. But how would it run if it was operated by an unskilled worker in a low-wage country?

We are proud of the fact that our installations and machines function at their best even in tough conditions. We don't rely on an on-site engineer compensating flaws an quirks of an unsteady machine. Quite the opposite: the design of our pad printing machines compensates for lack of qualifications. Our design follows an operating concept that keeps the requirements on the operator to a minimum.

At the center of this operating concept are ergonomics, convenience and security against tampering. And above all, the concept also includes our courses and training sessions. During these, we can impart full understanding to the operators – precisely because our machines and installations are simple and reliable to operate.

The benefit is obvious: an operator who learns to understand his machine, rather than dumbly learning the right movements, will not only be more competent, he will be more motivated. And that means that he will not only run his machine better, but nurture and take care of it. That's why our training is not just about knowledge and skills, but always about motivation too.

As well as our basic training, we now offer a range of specialized training courses for different tasks and industries. Even the German Federal Criminal Police Office occasionally stops by to learn from us and with us!

Obviously, we won't publish the content of any training sessions here. These are reserved for our customers and partners. But we do, of course, always have a sympathetic ear for your training needs. Just contact:

Training Sessions in Other Languages

In principle, all our training is carried out in German or English, depending on the participants. If you need training to be provided in another language, please contact us in advance.

  • Sandra Rommel, Trainer in Pad Printing
Sandra Rommel
Courses & Training Coordinator

If you want to get the best from your installation, contact me. We'll turn your employees into virtuoso machine operators.

+49 7150 928-400

If you want to get the best from your installation, contact me. We'll turn your employees into virtuoso machine operators.

Customized training
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