Our Maintenance and Customizing Services

We Look after Your Machines – Worldwide and Long-Term.

As you know, for us, excellence means that it works, that it lasts and that it pays off. And we make very sure of that with perfect maintenance, suitable customization and reliable service.


Are you surprised that customizing falls under maintenance? That's how it is. And there's a good reason for it:

for us, good maintenance starts with the configuration of your installation. A lot can be done to increase stability right from the setup stage. What are the best parameters, how can I optimize the interaction, what process changeovers, adjustment or expansions are worthwhile?

With more than half a century of experience, we don't just understand our machines, we understand your process too. And we know it should work, last and pay off.


For us, maintenance isn't just a necessary evil, but a passion. Ours are high-performance machines. And this performance has more than a little to do with few and short downtimes. That's why our excellent maintenance plan makes sure that everything is working for you, that it lasts and that it pays off particularly well.

For us, maintenance already starts within the design phase. Machines and installations that are comprehensible to the user are understood by him. This reduces operator error and improves machine control. Ease of maintenance and short process changeover times are likewise at the heart of our engineering. This includes both: remote maintenance options and employee training.


Processes often run for several years. Hopefully, they are stable. In which case, there doesn't seem to be any reason for optimizing them -

but there is!

Technological development does not stand still. It is rapid. A process that was still complicated and costly yesterday may well now have a more elegant and straightforward solution. And this is the third element of our process consulting: making it work better, so that it lasts longer and pays off even better.

Repair Service

To tell the truth, our repair service also begins in the Design department. We don't just design our machines and installations for their performance, but for minimum wear. Components subject to less wear work for longer and provide you with a better payoff.

And what if something should fail? In that case we can diagnose the problem for a lot of machines and installations in real time thanks to our remote maintenance capability. This means that we can support your technicians with adjustments or repairs remotely. Or we can come to your site. Fast. Anywhere in the world. And that's a promise.

Service request

  • Roland Heubach, Service Technician for Laser Systems at TAMPOPRINT AG
Roland Heubach
Service coordination

Your laser systems work, last and pay off. That's because I service them on site – and can also offer help and advice remotely.

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Your laser systems work, last and pay off. That's because I service them on site – and can also offer help and advice remotely.