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Today, a lot comes under the term “Consulting”. However, our Process Consulting division isn't just a marketing gimmick – it emerged from quite tangible, practical questions: Can it work? Will it last? How can it pay off for the customer?


Customers often come to us because they are unable to print their idea using any other method. Often the idea has little to do with conventional labeling and decorating and presents a highly complex challenge.

Other cases involve the application of active medical agents using pad printing, such as for nicotine patches. And in another case, instead of a display, the product surface itself was to become an operator unit.

Our Process Consulting Team always has a sympathetic ear for the supposed impossible. Being able to prove that what others have deemed impossible is possible makes us really proud. In other words, for us everything is feasible – and copeable. And we will find or invent the right process for you.

High-precision pad printing
High-precision pad printing
TAMPOPRINT modules inside an automation platform
Modular process design, intelligent and flexible

Process Design

In modern industrial production, printing is often just one step of many. But it is an important one, as it is key to the look and feel of the product and hence to its value. And it can pack a punch.

To tell the truth, printing modules cannot just be purchased and installed like grippers or light curtains.

And that's why we put our know-how at your service. You won't find anyone with more experience in integrating printing or application of material into your process design. If you use our process consulting service from the concept and planning phase, it will save you from unpleasant surprises at a later stage. And it will make your process more reliable, more stable and more efficient. In other words, it will work, last and pay off.


Processes often run for several years. Hopefully, they are stable. In which case, there doesn't seem to be any reason for optimizing them.

Quite the reverse!

And here is the reason why: technological development does not stand still. It is rapid. A process that was still complicated and costly yesterday may now have a more elegant and straightforward – an even more efficient – solution. And this is the third element of our process consulting: making it work better, so that it lasts longer and pays off even better.

TAMPOPRINT printing of Playmobil heads
Precision-printing at bulk-printing speeds
Stephan Berger
Head of Development

Do you want to benefit from our experience in development, machines and process design? If so, then contact me.

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Do you want to benefit from our experience in development, machines and process design? If so, then contact me.