Our Automations

Consistent Innovation: From Machines to System Design

The move from constructing machines to constructing installations was pretty much a natural one for us. Our “mission” has always been to further improve the performance of the printing process we invented. To automate it, to accelerate it, to simplify it – to improve its output and efficiency. So that it works automatically, lasts and pays off.

That's why we've continued to increase the degree of automation, both for our stand-alone machines and in the case of modules for large installations. And of course, first and foremost, for installations completely designed and constructed by us.

Today, we distinguish – albeit with fluid boundaries – between semi-automatic systems, in which human operation still determines the cycle speed, and fully-automatic systems, in which even the feed of items to be printed is automated.

Our Semi-Automatic Systems

Human-Machine Teamwork. Not Half, but Twice as Excellent.

Actually, we don't like the term “semi-automatic system”. An installation which is fed workpieces by hand is not “semi” anything. Quite the opposite: it is a particularly sophisticated challenge to make it work by hand, to make it last and to make it pay off.

And in fact, in many tasks there are good reasons for placing the job of feeding in the items to be printed in the hands of the operator.

Our Fully Automatic Systems

Faster than the Human Eye Can See.

Our fully automatic installations are almost exclusively high-speed machines. Their clock speeds are sufficient for real bulk production. Bulk production that is economical enough to use for very low-cost printed items. Our process consulting and engineering ensure a correspondingly high performance. So that it works fast, lasts for long time and really pays off.

You can benefit from our extensive experience in particular in the field of installation construction. We don't “also” do pad printing, we invented the process. For that reason, we have always been leaders in the technological development of the process. Moreover, we have more experience than anyone else in building this kind of installation. No one else has converted requirements into functioning installations in more sectors than we have. Requirements that have not infrequently been deemed impossible. Or at least they were, until we fulfilled them.

So now we have a sort of catchphrase that goes like this: “This machine simply could not be built. – And what did you do then? – We built it anyway.”

TAMPOPRINT RAPID linear automation
RAPID linear automation
TAMPOPRINT RAPID rotary indexing plate
RAPID rotary indexing plate

MAP – Modular Automation Platform

Complex Modular Combinations Are Easy to Operate and Modify.

Installation engineering and construction is always very customized: The challenge is to find the best solution for the customer requirements. And this is just what our task and our passion is.

However, good engineering also means meeting complex requirements with an efficient design. That is why, at TAMPOPRINT, we place great emphasis on modular installation construction.

The logical conclusion of this modular construction is our MAP, the modular automation platform. Up to 20 modules can be freely combined on a base frame. The result is an installation that can ultimately be operated, modified, and maintained as though it were a SINGLE machine.

The MAP is suited to variable equipping with servo-electrical and pneumatic printing units, pre-treatments, and drying and monitoring modules, and can even be equipped with laser marking units. The ring-shaped configuration makes the installation/machine compact and accessible at the same time, since the units that must be maintained and modified are oriented outwards towards the operator. Self-evidently the equipment can be modified subsequently.

The MAP concept thus conforms according to the TAMPOPRINT motto: it works, it lasts, and it pays off.


  • MAP - Modular Automation Platform, 435.8 KBDownload
MAP - Modular Automation Platform
MAP - Modular Automation Platform
MAP - variable equipping
MAP - highly precise printing
MAP - drying module
MAP - variable equipping
MAP - Modular Automation Platform
Easy maintenance
Thilo Reichelt
Head of Sales for Closure Marking

Nothing is impossible. Even when it comes to closures. Contact me and we'll find your perfect solution.

+49 7150 928-400

Nothing is impossible. Even when it comes to closures. Contact me and we'll find your perfect solution.

Dietmar Scholz
Head of Sales for Machines & Laser Systems

Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.

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Are you trying to decide which machine or installation best suits your needs? Then I'm the man to ask – and I'd be happy to help.