Our Portfolio: Everything for Pad Printing!

Making Sure It Works, It Lasts and It Pays Off.

“We construct excellent pad printing machines.” – This is our honest response to the question of what it is that we actually do. And also to the question of what motivates us. We define excellence as follows: The machine works, it lasts and it pays off.

This was the spirit that led us to found industrial pad printing more than 60 years ago. And it was in this spirit that we first developed excellent pad printing machines and then a perfect system.

Today, this system includes both standard pad printing machines and printing modules for larger installations. Bulk printing using printing pads and customization using lasers. And, of course, we also develop special installations for completely new challenges.

This system is truly excellent owing to the perfect interaction of the pad printing machines with the system components: our accessories, our consumables, our process consulting, our training and – last but not least – our service.