Our Accessories and Consumables

"We Actually Construct the Machines as a Sideline."

Do you know what our first invention was? – That's right: the silicone pad! Thereby founding industrial pad printing in its entirety. And since there were no machines for pad printing, we invented those too. In other words, we actually constructed the machines around the pad.

You see, for us, accessories and consumables are not just necessary “extras”. The material is at the heart of our development. Again and again we have triggered revolutions – small and large – through key inventions. The silicone pad created modern pad printing, the sealed ink system and rotating pad rollers developed it into a bulk printing process and new cliché materials allowed customers to produce their own clichés. And who invented these? – Indeed: TAMPOPRINT.

However, our most important development and invention is: the perfect system. It is just the interaction of machines, accessories and consumables that produces the excellence for which we are famous: it works, it lasts and it pays off.