Our Management Team

Problem Solvers, Achievers, Enablers

Our management structure is as simple and effective as our machines:

At the very top is inventor and founder, Wilfried Philipp.

As CEO, Martin Dibowski is responsible for the company management. Chief Technical Officer and Board Member Oliver Nitschke is responsible for technical development and research.

Working together, they complement and challenge each other to deliver the best for you, our customers. So that it works, and lasts, and your investment pays off.

The company management

Martin Dibowski, CEO

Martin Dibowski
+49 7150 928-411

Excellence can only be achieved by constant improvement. Not any old how, but to the benefit of the customer. That’s why I’m here to take care of your concerns.

For me, TAMPOPRINT is a typical “hidden champion”: A medium-sized company whose innovations are not based on acquisitions, but on its own developments. A medium-sized company that is not only successful, but leads the field. Figures can prove this, but they don’t explain it.

Individuality, courage, enthusiasm, and a willingness to always think beyond what is merely necessary and to show dedication ‒ a company with more than just a personal touch; a company with personality. The keys to success of an all-time champion.

On top of this come curiosity and a willingness to change. The only way to stay at the top is to actively meet challenges head on. Before everyone else ‒ and hence more successfully than everyone else. Only those who evolve can stay at the top. TAMPOPRINT has been doing this now for the last 60 years. And doing it well.

In this respect, my task here is as clear as it is demanding: To see to it that things continue this way. Preserving and creating. So that it works, it lasts and it pays off.

Technical leadership

Oliver Nitschke, Technical Director

"So where exactly is your research and development department?" I am often asked this question by people who are unfamiliar with the way things work at TAMPOPRINT. "Well," I say in reply, "the research and development department begins at the gate. Because this company DOESN'T HAVE an R&D department - R&D IS our business."

This is not just a smart slogan; it's reality on the ground. At TAMPOPRINT there's hardly a member of staff who hasn't been roped into a development project at some time.

That makes working here a challenge – also for the management. For our customers, however, it's a blessing when even the humblest service technician knows the product inside out. Not only because it improves the way he works. But precisely because the path from day-to-day experience to a new idea is a short one. And because improvements and innovations can thus be implemented quickly. That's why we consider innovation to be the responsibility of each employee.

Remaining as market leader is therefore quite straightforward: never stay still, but always keep marching forward.

So that it keeps on working. And so that it pays off for our customers.

  • Oliver Nitschke, Technical Director (CTO) of TAMPOPRINT AG, in his office
Oliver Nitschke
+49 7150 928-411

A machine is excellent when it is of maximum benefit to the customer. That's why I always have a sympathetic ear for our customer's wishes.