Our Company

Traditional, Innovative and a Market Leader for Decades

The company started life over half a century ago as a one-man engraving business, and we are now market leaders in the construction of special machines for pad printing and laser engraving.

Over the years, printing has grown to mean far more than decoration and lettering, and TAMPOPRINT has been pivotal in turning mere objects into effective products: the graduations on a syringe, the numbers on a dial and the active ingredient on a nicotine patch are all printed using our technology.

Take bottle tops: once a simple cap, today they display brand messages and have become collectors' items, or bear competition-winning codes.

But we still love a challenge, from supposedly unprintable surfaces to substances that were previously unusable as print media, or special requirements in terms of operation and durability. If anyone has ever said to you "That won't work", just ask us.

Our History

More than 60 Years of Excellence in Pad Printing

1956 – 1961

Working out of the Basement
Beginnings as a sole trader

1956 Wilfried Philipp founds his first company Opening balance of “Firma Wilfried Philipp” as at 9/1/1956 was 500 DM
  The one-man business, based in basement rooms in the east of Stuttgart, primarily engraved pressure plates for print shops

1961 – 1968

The first “real” business premises

1961 Company renamed “Wilfried Philipp Industriegravuren” (industrial engraving)
  Move to larger, leased premises in Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart
  Hiring of first employees
1965 First prototype for machine pad printing (still using gelatine pads)
1966 Patent for automatic coin engraving system (sold to the company Deckel)

1968 – 1989

The engraving shop becomes a machine construction firm

1968 Move to Kallenberg
Business based out of the ground floor of the family home
  The TAMPOPRINT team has around 60 employees
  Wilfried Philipp invents the silicone pad
Industrial pad printing is now possible
1969 The current pad printing process is patented 8/2/1969, patent no. DE 19 39 437, Patent office Munich, Germany
  Patent for a gravure unit for printing packaging foil made from aluminum
1970 Construction of a flat-roofed building, initially on just one floor
  Prototype for the first pad printing machine presented at the Hannover Messe trade fair
1971 The series-ready pad printing machine TS 100/1 presented at Düsseldorf K71 trade fair
  Swiss watch industry places a large order for 100 pad printing machines
leading to: end of engraving business and start of machine construction
1972 Addition of a second floor to the building
1974 Extension in the form of a corner building
1977 Name change to TAMPOPRINT GmbH
1978 Construction of the 3-floor rectangular building with a new main entrance Start of special machine construction
  The TAMPOPRINT team has around 170 employees
  Company founder Wilfried Philipp makes first world tour after learning English, French, Spanish, Serbian and Czech through independent study
1981 Rotary pad printing enables high-speed printing and transfer printing through 90°/180°/360° (Circumference printing of rotationally symmetrical parts)
1983 Hermetic pad printing using sealed ink/doctoring system (ENCODER, still standard today)
1984 Launch of closure printing (CLOSURE-PRINT series)
1984 First rotary high-performance pad printing machine as standard machine (CONTINUA)
1987 Launch of direct printing onto music cassettes
1988 The electromechanical RAPID series achieves speeds previously only possible using pneumatics

1989 – today

From machine construction firm to system supplier

1989 Ground-breaking ceremony for the new company headquarters in Korntal-Münchingen
1990 Move to the new company headquarters
1993 First laser-produced clichés
  Start of development of cliché imaging machines for end customers
1997 First multi-color installation using sealed ink system (TSG)
1998 Belated celebration of the 40th anniversary, which was actually in 1996
1998 Printing two colors onto one print position (V-DUO)
1998 First transverse doctor system (TSQ)
2001 Ground-breaking ceremony for extension building, move to new premises in 2002
2001 Change of company status to TAMPOPRINT AG
2002 Concentra initially prints up to four, from 2008 up to six colors
2003 First laser etching of metal
2003 First laser marking of drinks closures on the inside (MOF-PROMO-ALFALAS)
2006 50th anniversary of the company
2006 Patent for laser marking of synthetic wine corks (ALFALAS)
2007 Introduction of hybrid machines: integration of cliché production and printing process in one machine
2009 The TAMPOPRINT team has around 150 employees
2010 The name says it all: at 9000 cycles/hour, the SPEED 40-2 is the fastest pad printing machine in the world, reaching the physical limits of non-rotary printing
2011 New rotary pad printing process in which the workpiece is guided using baffle plates (HSC)
2014 Complete automation combined in a standard machine (CLOSURE PRINT COMPACT PROMO PLUS)
2014 Introduction of MAP (software and automation platform)
2014 Electromechanical PP machine for the price of a pneumatic one (ENTRANCE)
2015 The TAMPOPRINT team has around 170 employees
2016 Semi-Automation in Modular Design: MODULE ONE M
  60th anniversary of the company
2017 Expansion of the modular machine concept: MODULE ONE S
2018 Introduction of standardized manual workstations: MODULE ONE XXS and MODULE ONE XS
2019 New automation platform concept consisting of autonomous and exchangeable components
2021 Conversion into TAMPOPRINT GmbH

1974 – today

Global Presence
as market leader

1974 JAPAN: first Japanese sales agency in Tokyo
1970s Other trading branches and appointed dealers in:
Argentina, Australia, China, Columbia, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand
1977 USA: Establishment of a TAMPOPRINT® distribution outlet in Chicago
1980s Other trading branches and appointed dealers in:
Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, USSR (Czechoslovakia, today the Czech Republic)
1989 FRANCE: Opening of TAMPOPRINT® S.a.r.l. in Lyon
1994 USA: Establishment of TAMPOPRINT® International Corporation in Vero Beach, Florida
2000 SPAIN: Establishment of TAMPOPRINT® IBERIA S.A.U. in Barcelona
2019 Expansion of dealer network with new dealers in Russia and South Africa
Company headquarters of Tampoprint AG in Korntal-Münchingen, Germany
Headquarters of Tampoprint AG in Korntal-Münchingen